Sizzling Fourth of July Grill Menu

We are wilting under the shroud of a spectacular heat wave here in the Bay area. Stifled by the temperature, nothing is moving – even the leaves are too warm to rustle. It’s so hot right now, it’s impossible to cook. In fact it’s so hot right now, it’s impossible to even write about cooking. So, let me treat you to a photo round up of a sensational summer grill menu in preparation for the fourth of July. Keep cool.

Blackberry Spritzer tfBlackberry Spritzer and Mojitos

gazpachBeat the Heat Chunky Gazpacho

fattoush salad tastefoodFattoush Salad

ribsSummer Solstice BBQ Baby Back Ribs

marinated chicken skewers tfGrilled Chicken Skewers with Sriracha Marinade

quinoa kale slaw tfRed Quinoa and Kale Slaw

apricot bruleeCaramelized Apricots on the Grill with Yogurt and Honey

11 thoughts on “Sizzling Fourth of July Grill Menu

  1. It was to be blazing hot today, but has cooled down with a cool breeze. Back to the coastal climate! No complaints, but grilling may be the order of the day! A tasty round up of recipes for the holiday weekend!

  2. Awesome menu! Love every single option, hope the heat subsides soon for your area. We are going through a pretty nice weather right now, the high on the 4th will be 80F. Not bad… considering where we live, it could be much much worse! 🙂

    Happy 4th!

  3. This is making me so hungry! What gorgeous photos. I can’t imagine hot weather in SF. It’s consistently muggy here in DC from May through October, so SF in the summer always feels like fall to me! Stay cool and thanks for the great ideas.

  4. It’s even too hot for anyone to comment ::) except for here in the cool north. Wish I was there with you. X

  5. Nice roundup of delicious recipes. I hope the weather cools down for your 4th of July celebration. Here in Maine we are hoping we won’t have rain.

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