Beautiful Alaska

Homer View Lynda BalslevFor those who seek space

Alaska PPP Farm Lynda Balslevand new beginnings

Tutka Cabin Lynda Balslev

to embrace nature

Tutka kayaks Lynda Balslev

and get their feet wet

Alaska view

Where the sky is the limit

Widgeon Lynda Balslevand convention shed


King Crab Legs

to receive abundance

Alaska Paella TasteFood

and break bread


with fellow travelers


and kindred spirits

Tutka dock Lynda Balslev

Beautiful Alaska

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Alaska

  1. They say that one must travel to Alaska in one’s life. I believe that this is true. Thanks or sharing. I have to go sometime.

  2. Travelled to Alaska from New Zealand a few years ago. Photos don’t do justice you must go and see for yourselves!
    Mount McKinlay is awesome if you are lucky to view it from Denali Nation Park.

    And the food —————!!

  3. You make it sound very inviting . . . as if the photos had not done a good enough ‘job’ already! Thank you for taking us along . . . oh, scrolling back to the bounty from the sea 🙂 !

  4. Enchanting photos! What a magnificent trip! Taking an Alaskan cruise is on my “bucket list”!

  5. How stunning to be able to get somewhere as gorgeous ass that, have such stunning weather AND talk with others of your ilk.. what a joy that mustt have been.. wow.. c

  6. Oh I wish I could have been there too. It looks so gorgeous, and you captured the essence of Alaska and community spirit beautifully. Thanks for posting these photos!!

  7. Obviously I’m behind in my blog reading…forgive me.

    I have seriously considered attending one of these writing retreats. I would love to know what you thought of it, whether you thought it was useful (and I imagine you did) and inspiring (also, probably yes). Gorgeous photos, Lynda!

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