Superbowl Party Dips for Vegetables and Chips

Seasonal Crudites with your favorite dip

I am a diehard playoffs fan. Which is to say I am pretty oblivious to any sports season – until it gets to the playoffs. My last minute interest is amplified when it’s a Boston or a San Francisco team, due to history and my current zip code. As you can imagine, this can pose a dilemma. I have found myself at times the lone cheerleader for the other team, the guest-non-grata, risking loss of friends or getting pelted with tortilla chips. I can’t help it. Birthright rules, and so does Boston.  This year, once again, I am gearing up for the Superbowl, where the Patriots are on their way, and fortunately this year I have absolutely no conflict of interest. I may even be invited to a party.

Superbowl Party Dips for Vegetables and Chips

I get the chips, but if I am going to nosh for 3 hours while I watch a football game, I crave vegetables too. Here are a few of my favorite dips that go well with chopped veggies and chips alike – including this recipe for Guacamole

carrot hummus tastefoodCarrot Harissa Hummus

Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Dip 

tsatsikiGarlicky Greek Yogurt Dip (Tsatsiki)

green olive tapenade tastefoodOlive and Almond Tapenade

8 thoughts on “Superbowl Party Dips for Vegetables and Chips

  1. Delicious! I much prefer dips with vegetables and will be making one of these for sure! Go, Patriots!

  2. I love the Superbowl! I used to root for the Packers because their uniform is green and yellow, the colors of Brazil.. 🙂

    as to dips and chips, I just used thinly sliced jicama instead of tortilla chips for a guacamole and was amazed by how much I enjoyed it… refreshing, light… very good!

    love all your selection of dips, but the olive and almond tapenade has a special place in my heart 😉

  3. I tend to ignore most of the games too but adore the party food opportunity the Super Bowl brings! Planning the menu and shopping for decadent and healthy snacks is something I enjoy. Your recipe for Carrot Harissa Hummus has been on my list to try, it sounds fantastic with all those crisp, fresh veggies!

  4. Lynda, the shot of your veggie tray took my breath away, as did the Pats performance last night! I’ll be making your olive and almond tapenade for the big game for sure….GO Patriots!

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