A Recipe for Inspiration: Food Photography Shoot-Out

This week I was a lucky attendee of a Food Photography Shoot-Out hosted by White on Rice Couple in Los Angeles. Todd and Diane graciously opened their studio to a small group of food bloggers seeking to perfect their craft of phtotography.

It takes a village…and a good camera…and a few props.

We were inspired and well fed. We listened and observed, and then we got busy taking photos. Lots and lots of photos. There was so much to absorb. As I look at my photographs I am pleased with the results, yet itching to improve them. And I think I know how, thanks to what I learned.

I like the whimsy of these macarons. The green one is definitely a show off – but, wait, who’s been nibbling the red?

This cake deserves all the light and brightness it can muster, however, I can’t resist a few shadows. I think someone called this a “girlie” shot.

Nice mood, but I think the cheese needs to breathe – and I’m not just referring to bringing it to room temperature.

I had so much fun. And on top of that, I was able to meet other bloggers face to face. Great food and great company. Now I am off to the farmers’ market to take a few more pictures. Thanks again, Todd and Diane, for your generosity and inspiration. And a special thanks to LC for the technical support!

12 thoughts on “A Recipe for Inspiration: Food Photography Shoot-Out

  1. I remember Diane and Todd’s announcement about this class. I’m so glad you were able to go! Looks like it was such a wonderful opportunity. I only wish I lived closer so that I could attend one sometime. Your photos are beautiful, and I especially love the top one.

  2. I am so super jealous! I love Todd and Diane and this sounds like it was a really fabulous day. I saw they are teaching a workshop in Colorado this summer. I live in NY but I am seriously thinking about going!

  3. How exciting! Last week I went to a little Etsy conference in New York. not quite the same, but I came away enthusiastic and inspired, which I imagine was the case for you as well! And your photos look great.

  4. What a fabulous opportunity, though your photographs are always so lovely, I’m not sure how much you really had to learn. Beautiful work, as always. – S

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