Sweet and Red Potato Mash

~ Sweet Potatoes, Red Bliss Potatoes and Celery Root Mash ~

It’s the time of year for soft and fluffy things. This applies to our food as well as our clothes.  As we wrap ourselves in wool and light the fire, we contemplate sating meals to comfort and fill our bellies. This simple side will do just that. Sweet and red potatoes are smashed together with celery root in a rustic rendition of fluffy mashed potatoes. Faintly sweet with potato and redolent of roasted garlic, this savory side is mellow and rich, promising to warm us as much on the inside as our fleece is protecting us on the outside.

Sweet and Red Potato Mash

Whole milk Greek style yogurt adds body and creaminess without excess fat to the potatoes. If you prefer extra richness, substitute sour cream for the yogurt. Serves 4-6.

2 pounds red potatoes with skin, cut in 1 inch pieces
1 pound sweet potato, peeled, cut in 1 inch pieces
1/2 pound celery root (celeriac), peeled, cut in 1/2 inch pieces
4 garlic cloves, divided
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature
1 cup whole milk Greek yogurt or sour cream
1/3 cup finely grated Parmigiano cheese
Freshly ground black pepper
Sage leaves for garnish

Combine potatoes and celery root in a large pot. Peel and smash 3 garlic cloves. Add to the pot. Cover with cold water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until potatoes are very soft. Drain. Return to pot and cool slightly. Mince the remaining garlic and add to the potatoes. Add butter and yogurt. Mash with a potato masher to desired consistency. Stir in cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm, garnished with chopped sage leaves.

23 responses to “Sweet and Red Potato Mash

  1. I’m printing this one out and will be making it soon for certain. It has all of my favorite things going on – sweet, garlic, warm, comforting and rich!

  2. I am totally loving this, and I hope the kids do too. We struggle to find ways that they will eat sweet potatoes (I’m flummoxed), and I’m thinking your potato blend may do the trick. Awesome!

  3. I love this. We are going to eat potatoes again next week and i am going to serve this .. i love Mash! c

  4. My kind of recipe all the way… I use yogurt so much in place of sour cream, or mascarpone cheese, or even heavy cream. It’s wonderful and a lot lighter

    I have everything at home, except celeriac – but I do have parsnips.. maybe I can use it instead…

  5. I’ve become a new addict to Greek style yogurt. A lighter, healthier version of a great comfort food has all the makings of a hit!

  6. Amazing idea; why have I never thought of that! Looks so good I could just sit and eat a bowl for dinner.

  7. Such an obvious combo that never occurred to me – lovely.

  8. I have never mixed my mashed potatoes. This intrigues me and looks quite good!

  9. That is a delicious looking/sounding mash! What a great combination.



  10. I love the combination of celeriac with these vegetables! The addition of Greek yogurt – which I’m putting in so many things these days – is brilliant. Can’t wait to try it.

  11. I love the addition of celery root! Will have to try! Thanks!

  12. I love a good mash, especially if there are other yumy fklavourful things added to it. And eventhough we are headed into summer, I wouldn’t mind a little bowl of this to tie me over.

  13. I love adding celery root to many things, it lends such a fresh and bright flavour. I like that you left the skins on the red potatoes…nutritious and adds texture.

  14. This dish has just got to be done now the nights are getting colder and anything with sweet potatoes in gets our vote 🙂

  15. Oh yes, this would have to taste amazing! Thanks for the mention for my Sweet Potato Hummus too.

  16. Looking for ideas for more dinner guests next week. I think I’ll serve this with some roast pork. I have a feeling they will love it!

  17. Although we are now leaving the soft and fluffy things behind, I love mash. Especially made with sweet potato. Lovely

  18. This recipe looks absolutely terrific…….

  19. Mashed potatoes are my ultimate comfort food!! I have been putting sour cream or yogurt into mine lately as well and it really makes them extra creamy and delicious with just the right tang! I love that you used sweet and red potatoes – genius. Must make soon!

  20. “A rustic rendition of fluffy mashed potatoes.” Oh my gosh, I need to make this! I love the combination of sweet and savory, and the garlic, sour cream and Parmesan really sends this over the top. Bookmarking!

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  22. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I always love to find a new recipe which really drags me to try it soon, and I need to say this recipe does the same thing to me. Plan to have this food with roasted chicken or beef, or even hot wings 🙂
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